Ignoring is the best policy

No sir, this is not a typo, it works when someone whose ways you do not appreciate comes near you. Such situations leaves us with little choices, and the most common response is frustration and expressing contempt or ridicule.

But the wise choose to ignore the presence of such an entity. And come to think about it, isn’t it enough that you chose to be unaffected by their arrival; might seem rude to some, but hey, if I was on the receiving end and I got to choose which one of your responses I’d prefer from these three (contempt, ridicule, ignoring), I would happily ask you to ignore my arrival than to impart any negative energy.

Plus, there is no point in finding fault in another. We ourselves have so much to improve on, and for all we know, the fault is our own that we don’t understand “them” in the correct light.

Let them follow their path, leave them alone.

Come to think about it, ignoring someone less appreciated requires alot of self-control, a quality worth developing and this could be our jolly good opportunity work on it. Talk about optimism, hehe..

It also requires a purity of mind.

And, it helps develop the attitude of unaffectedness.

One Response to “Ignoring is the best policy”

  1. Arturas says:

    Hm..how can one understand that one does not understand? That is why most common reaction is what it is. Ignorance can only be chosen as a reaction when one understands, but chooses not to react. Have you ever told someone that they don’t understand?..It takes something (knowledge/experience/effort?) to “feel” you don’t understand, still cannot be sure. Maybe that IS “purity of mind”..hard to say. Honest self-criticism can certainly help. Maybe there is something that everyone should tell themselves once in a while: “shut up and listen, maybe you will learn something today..” Anyway it seems that the only way is to think you don’t understand until proven opposite..;]

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