Would YOU tell the invigilators?

…If you see someone copying during an examination, would you tell the invigilators?

Situations like such makes one question the difference between doing things right and doing the right thing? To make sure things are done right, you sure should should tell the invigilators. But doing the right thing is relative to the individual; what one might perceive as the right-thing-to-do might be perceived completely differently by another. In some situations, what one would do depends how much of a friend/foe the other is!

A simple thought occurred to me this morning; If you see things in a non-spiritual approach, and don’t see a purpose to existence, please read no further. ( Or do, and it might give you a chuckle 😉 )

If we all are here for our own purpose, we all are on our own journey, our own individual journey to be the best possible version of who you can be. Being a programmer, I tend to see programmers logic behind my thoughts. Hence, if the universe is a computer and individuals are individual programs; one program does interact with another, but to test the functionality, fix bugs, find updates is between the “programmer” and that program.

Not trying to justify another’s actions, not making sure another gets punished for their misdoing is like acknowledging that the “programmer” knows what is happening and maybe, what I see as a bug in another might be a feature I am yet to understand.

Plus, while working on the next upgrade, the “programmer” tends to run necessary “test” scripts which may cause temporary setbacks on programs.

Focusing on others’ flaws, is a flaw in itself.
– Risha.me

One Response to “Would YOU tell the invigilators?”

  1. Arturas says:

    Cheating in general is an interesting matter with followers in both ways. I never cheat for a very simple reason – it is a totally different game when you invent your own rules. It’s not fun to win against nobody. No personal satisfaction whatsoever. And it has no long term gain in it. You can pass an exam, but you cannot cheat your way out of life in situations when there are no answers up your sleeve.(well you can, but IT would be utterly stupid)
    But I would never tell too. Why bother? There is enough information about the person in the fact itself. Let people do what they want and appreciate them according to what they do. Let the fools learn by their own mistakes.

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